Mary Louise has been a patient of Dr. Gail McLaurin for 20 years. She is 94 and is such a joy. Her stories are breathtaking and her smile is radiant. We wanted to share her tips for keeping such a healthy smile.

Whether you keep your teeth for a lifetime or not is greatly dependent on the person who takes care of them. YOU. Most dental problems (mainly GUM disease the number one cause of tooth loss) are not only treatable BUT avoidable!

  1. Going to the dentist is cheaper than not. Counter intuitive but just visiting the dentist once or twice a year for maintenance and routine cleaning will help prevent both gum disease and tooth decay, further more when problems are detected they are very small and less costly to fix or prevent.
  2. Your teeth have natural enemies. Diet and activities like smoking play a role in your general dental wellness. Smoking and chewing tobacco greatly reduces your resistance to fighting gum disease.
  3. Teeth are meant to work together, if you loose one, get it replaced.

“Everyone is different, circumstances and life experiences are unique, However be the biggest fan of your smile and it will stick with you for a long time.”

Mary Louise.

Pictured with Dr. McLaurin April 18, 2012

Mary Louise

My name is Stacy and I am a recovering addict.
Dental care was not a priority in my adulthood. When I met Dr. McLaurin, I had not had my teeth cleaned for more than 20 years!
During one of several overdoses, someone put a comb in my mouth while I was seizing. I bit it so hard that it embedded one of my front teeth into the bone where it remained for years. My smile left something to be desired, so I only did it closed mouthed or hid behind my hands.
Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw my crooked smile and was painfully reminded and inescapably confronted by my past.
Dr. McLaurin listened to my story, prayed with me and offered to help. She and her entire staff treated me with kindness, dignity and respect. Being uninsured, she allowed me to make affordable payments and provided extensive periodontal and dental care. She referred me to an orthodontist, Dr. Stewart, who provided me with braces!
I am now 2 years clean and sober and well on my way to a perfect smile. I can now laugh, smile and look in the mirror, without being ashamed or embarrassed. Dr. McLaurin helped me to release my past and embrace my future. I am forever grateful.

Stacy B

Having lived in London for the last 9 years, Dental services were not a priority due to dentist accessibility through my college years and earlier in my career. Actually, I had only been to the dentist twice between the years of 2003-2011.
When my wife and I came to visit my brother in Atlanta in the Spring of 2011 he told me about Dr. McLaurin. I was pleasantly surprised with how great the staff was, from the minute my wife and I walked in, we were warmly welcomed.
They used state of the art equipment and when I told them about my anxiety, they gave me, laughing gas. Whenever I am in Atlanta, there are two places I must visit, Fat Matt’s rib shack and the office of Dr. Gail McLaurin.
Thanks to the great dentistry I have received on my 3 visits, I have taken a keen interest in looking after my teeth.


Dr. McLaurin’s practice is easily the best dental experience I have had in my life. Everything from the friendliness and helpfulness of Dr. McLaurin’s staff to the deep expertise and care Dr. McLaurin brings to every procedure makes me a devoted client.
When I first came to see Dr. McLaurin over two years ago, I was experiencing serious pain in my mouth due to a fractured molar on one side and removed molar on the other, both of which had been treated inappropriately by my previous dentist. Needless to say, I was not too excited about visiting another dentist.
Dr. McLaurin and her staff, however, made me feel at ease and talked me through the various procedures that I would undergo so that I understood the situation fully. Then she and her staff carried out all the procedures — all of which involved delicate oral surgery — such that I felt no pain during and after the procedures, and now I have my full set of teeth back. Incredible. I rave about Dr. McLaurin to all of my friends and relatives and make sure they have a good look at her expert craftsmanship in my mouth so they know we are talking about RESULTS!

Steve R
implant patient