Hands down the greatest experience we have ever had in a business. Dr. McLaurin was extremely skilled and professional. My son had a lip tie that seemed like it would never be fixed. We went to other places originally before we found Dr Mclaurin and all I know is I wish we would of went here first. My son had his first surgery on his lip tie at 2 weeks old due to major concerns with feeding and it did not go well. They clipped with scissors and didn’t get the entire lip tie so it grew back rather quickly. I went to multiple places looking for someone to fix it and everywhere I went everyone said the same thing, that they wanted to put my son under for the surgery because it was such a bad lip tie. We didn’t feel comfortable doing that so we kept looking and found this place. Thank the lord we did. She has absolutely no issues fixing it. We were in and out faster than we could of ever imagined. She was HELPFUL and CARED about all of our questions and concerns. We can’t thank her and her amazing staff enough. I would recommend this place for anything you need done without a question.

Jeremy ByersGoogle Reviews

Dr. Gail Mclaurin DDS is highly skilled and you know you’re going to be pain-free throughout your procedure.

Staff is efficient and friendly from being greeted at the front desk through the assistants and all they do.

I can’t say enough good things…I highly recommend her to anyone seeking simple to advanced techniques in dentistry.

Mary Russ

I could not have asked for a better place to have my baby seen for a frenectomy. Yes, the process is horrible for a parent but they are so awesome it gives you that peace of mind you need. I definitely recommend it to anyone and for anything else my family and I will need we will be seeing Dr. McLaurin. The whole staff and the doctor are more than wonderful, thank you guys!

Kat JGoogle Reviews

I just wanted to take a moment to share something with all of you, especially those who are still looking for a doctor to trust with their child’s tongue/lip tie- my son had his tongue and lip tie procedure done yesterday, and I feel so blessed to have had Dr. Gail McLaurin​​ as his doctor. She and her whole staff went above and beyond to make sure he was taken care of, and Dr McLaurin at Atlanta Periodontics did an EXCEPTIONAL job! She has such a wonderful heart, and her love for her patients is second to none. She thoroughly explained the procedure, and she patiently listened to ALL of my questions, of which there were many, and she answered all of them with such knowledge and kindness. Most doctors I’ve been to grow impatient with my questions, and either cut me off midsentence or respond with a tone, making me feel like I’m wrong for wanting to know as much as possible about a procedure or condition so that I can make an informed decision. Dr McLaurin, however, made me feel absolutely at ease. I can honestly say that this was the first procedure I’ve felt like i was able to make an informed decision, and I knew that my baby was in safe hands while he was with her. There are not many doctors that I respect, but Dr McLaurin has my utmost respect, and I thank God for her role in my son’s life, as well as in mine. Her practice sets the standard for excellent care. For anyone looking for a doctor who you can trust to take the best possible care of your child, please call Dr Gail McLaurin at Atlanta Periodontics.

Sarah WattsGoogle Reviews

Dr. McLauring has helped me reduce my snoring significantly with laser therapy, which is a non-invasive, patient-friendly treatment for increasing the quality of a person’s sleep by the contraction of collagen in the oral mucosa tissue. I had to drive more than 60 miles to see her but it was worth it. She and her staff are wonderful! I sleep better now, I feel better and with more energy during the day and with the help of an app I could use my iPhone to record the differences in my snoring from before my first visit and after each session. The results were amazing! If you have problems with snoring and/or sleep apnea and it’s affecting your quality of life, do yourself a favor and visit her. Thank you Dr.Gail!

Nina Nazor-HutchesonGoogle Reviews

Yes, yes, yes. I had an average service for my last gum graft, but with Dr. McLaurin, she (and her staff) put me at ease, answered all my questions, and left me completely satisfied.

I had been prepared to do another costly (and painful) one, but she made a proposal to save me, and I am so happy to put my trust in her.

Brett WalkerGoogle Reviews

Our baby boy was losing weight and having a very difficult time nursing. We were referred to Dr. McLaurin by our lactation consultant and I’m so glad!!! When we got there she found that not only did he have a tongue tie but he also had a lip tie. We decided to go ahead and correct both and the office worked with me on the cost as I was totally tapped out after having my baby and being out of work on maternity leave. The office staff (entire staff) were so kind and thoughtful and I was in tears because of my baby being “fixed” and them working with me in the cost…I was a wreck. Thank you so much Dr. McLaurin for not only doing what you do but being so kind and understanding! We are now on a feeding schedule that works and our baby is growing and gaining weight which has freed him of the jaundice as well…this procedure has made this second week of life a drastic improvement from the first…THANKS!!!

Emily WhitleyGoogle Reviews

We had a great experience with Dr. McLaurin! I knew our baby had a severe tongue tie and we wanted to go somewhere that didn’t make us go to a hospital for the procedure. We learned that Dr. McLaurin has been doing laser tongue tie releases for over 17 years and she did them right in her office. The procedure was really quick. She assessed how severe the tongue tie was and told us what she would do- then we decided right then that we would go ahead with it. She and the nurse were great with our baby- the receptionist was really kind and helpful also. I would highly recommend this office for tongue ties!

Patrick Gross

Just saw Dr Gail McLaurin to fix my son’s lip and tongue tie and she was AMAZING! They were able to get us in quickly. She had the best bedside manner of anyone I’ve ever met. They worked with my dental insurance. I don’t know why she isn’t on the preferred list but SHE SHOULD BE. he was able to nurse immediately. And she even stroked my arm to help calm me while he tried to latch. This is the best decision we could’ve made to get him in here. The whole staff was amazing from reception to assistants. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Especially those with tongue or lip ties.

Marlissa Cunningham

Absolutely Amazing! Dr. McLaurin did an amazing job! She was so knowledgeable about my daughter’s lip and tongue tie! She’s amazing with babies my daughter is 7 weeks and she was able to calm her down and make her feel very comfortable! I walked to the front to sign some paperwork, I didn’t even get a chance to put my pen down and they were already done with the procedure! That’s how quick it was! Doctor had me latch my daughter on there to make sure everything was looking good, my daughter was able to latch on without losing the latch like she did before the procedure! I was amazed, the wait time was super! Thank you so much Dr. McLaurin!

Nermina Saric