Night Guards

Do you clench your teeth? Do you grind your teeth? Or maybe you don’t even know.

Grinding (called Brusism) and clenching your teeth is known as a parafunctional habit that is considered connected to stress.

If you clench and grind your teeth, your dentist will know. How? Clenching and/or grinding can severely wear or even break teeth. This can also lead to problems with the gums and jaw. Grinding of teeth usually takes place during sleep, when you may not notice you are doing it. Clenching may occur at any time, maybe even now. Flattened out areas on the chewing surfaces of your teeth is often the initial indicator of a parafunctional habit.

A night guard is a safe and easy way to help with parafunctional habits. Night guards can also help patients that suffer from headaches, earaches, TMJ, face, neck and shoulder pain and/or tension.

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