Dentistry has witnessed enormous advances while I have been practicing. Patients are always looking for alternatives to gum surgery and to tooth replacement. Sometimes, surgery is our only alternative, but it does not need to be a terrible experience. Sedation helps patients get through the actual surgery, still they dread the healing process. In January 2012, I started using a technique called Endoret – PRGF in my surgical cases. I have seen tremendous results from incorporating this, especially with gum grafting, bone grafting, extractions, and dental implants.

So what Is Endoret – PRGF? It is a technology that aids in bone and gum tissue regeneration.

PGRF is an acronym for Plasma Rich Growth Factors. When we suffer an injury, the human body releases proteins to stimulate the repair of that injury.

The Endoret technique allows us to use our patient’s own blood to isolate the proteins that are responsible for wound healing and tissue regeneration. We draw a small amount of blood from our patient. The blood is then spun down through a centrifuge spinning process. We can then get the Plasma Rich Growth Factors and place it where the healing or the regeneration of tissue is needed.

The recovery and healing process is faster and the risk of post-surgical complications is lessened. Patients have reported the absence of pain. There is a noticeable improvement and quicker healing. This technique is used in different fields of medicine such as burns, dermatology, plastic surgery, and general surgery.

This process can be used on most patients. It is especially recommended for those with healing problems, people who smoke, and diabetics.